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Monday, January 25, 2010

what I did tonight instead of homework.

Well, technically this IS homework, but just not homework that I should be doing. Oh well, it was one of those projects where I lost all track of time. i started around 6PM, and didn't look up at the clock until 11:30. I love projects that make me do that.

I decided to try a little something different today. I was inspired a lot by the short stop-motion film, Madame Tutli-Putli (link is in post further down), where they digitally placed real human eyes on the clay puppets, so I decided to try it. For my first time, I'm really happy with how it looks! I'm definitely going to use this technique in the future.

I decided for experimenting's sake, I wouldn't put a lot of time into the clay head. I just needed something to get the general form down. This is the picture I used:

Pretty simple, right? Not too many shadow shapes, etc. Next time I do this i'll be more concienctious of the light source.

Then, I took a photo of myself. PLEASE excuse the ridiculousness of this photo.

Finally, I spent the rest of the time putting in some skin tones, hair, etc, etc. The background's a bit plain right now, but you get the idea. It was mostly just an experiment.




  1. I really love it. As I look at it and picture you making it, I wonder what is going on in your subconscious to make the decisions you have made. Why the nose shape, hair style, clothes..... Influences?? really fun!!

  2. i agree, you should do more of this in the future. i loved that aspect of the animated short, and wondered how it might be used for illustration as well. i've seen it in another short, actually superimposed onto very 2-D/cartoon modern looking images and it still worked great. fun stuff!