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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Long time no post!

This year I promise I will post more. I've been really slacking in the posting department! Work has kept me really busy and it's been hard to do stuff on my own time. But lately, I've been trying a new style that I'm really enjoying. Usually my tool of choice is photoshop, but I've been trying to push myself to create new things in Adobe illustrator. It's very challenging but i'm really liking how it challenges me to think in a completely different way. Anyways, enough talk. Pics!

Birdie Mae

Lily (in progress) 

Lil' Bub, my favorite internet cat

(this was the first piece in this "style" that I did)

Please keep in mind that these are in progress-i'm not quite sure how i'm going to treat the background of these. I've been thinking they'd be really cool printed on wood or fabric for pillows-but I welcome any ideas! 

This year i'm planning on really getting my website/portfolio whipped into shape. I'll be sure to keep posting along the way! Pinky swear. 

If you're interested in prints of my work or would like to request a custom pet portrait, please feel free to contact me at!

Until next time-



  1. Holy Crap. These are rad! I love this look for your work. I think the backgrounds look great in gray, but if you're feeling like they are unfinished without a background element then maybe a subtle repeating pattern?

  2. Thanks, Riley! I appreciate that!

    I was thinking gray is kind of nice just because it makes the subject "pop" a little more...but bright colors or subtle patterns would be great to try! it would probably give it a whole new look :)