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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oona is finished!

Well, I still have to complete the base and make the first place ribbon, but the big part is done. I'm really happy with the way she turned out. While I find the painting process is my least favorite part of everything, It feels really good once I'm all done and I'm happy with how the paint job turned out.

Ok, enough talk. Pictures!

Process-start to finish. Notice all the changes I made along the way to the head shape. It's a slow process sometimes, and especially when you're basing the sculpture off of a very specific drawing.


If you don't remember, I did a little "keep me sharp" exercise where I drew a picture of a sculpture, then sculpted the sculpture based off of my drawing, trying to keep it as close as possible. Very fun and very challenging!


  1. Sweet. I like seeing the sculpture itself brought to finish. She looks very proud and has excellent posture!

  2. honestly, this is just sweet. wish you were back this fall!

  3. And you were worried about what? Beautiful job! I think her and Ferdinand will get along just fine.